I am inspired by the human ability to connect. I don’t know if this is exclusive to us and not other animals but I believe it is what makes us special. We have this innate ability to empathize, sympathize, or feel for literally anything. It doesn’t have to be physical, we even get invested in concepts, I explore this in my paintings. Focusing on spirituality, mysticism, sociology, and interpersonal dynamics as well as my own personal struggles. My work is modernist and representational, I like seeing the marks build up to make something.


Using acrylic paint on either wood or canvas I make absurd or strange scenes mixed with personal symbols and well-known symbols to make paintings that are familiar but coded. I had a 10-year depression growing up, from 12 to 22 I was a suicidal mess of a person. I hated myself and never tried to grow or figure out who I am or how I can fit into the world. Just now am I starting to try to figure out what I am and the responsibility of being human. Reality is just a suggestion at the end of the day. So I use many sizes of canvas, use many different techniques, and take references from everywhere. My work aims to show how I feel about the world and I hope it sparks ideas of personal change and open-mindedness in viewers.


Steven Allison




Arizona State University, Bachelors in Fine Arts, 2020

Mesa Community College, Associates in Digital Art, 2017


 Group Exhibitions:

Arizona State University, Harry Wood Gallery, “Winter BFA Show” - 2019

Arizona State University, Harry Wood Gallery, “ABBA Art Show” - 2019

Arizona State University, West Wall Gallery, “Mapping the Figure”- 2019

SAAACA, Private Gallery, “Emerging Artists show” - 2019

Unexpected Gallery, “Chocolate and Arts show” - 2018

National Community College Arts, Herberger Theater, “Emerging Artists” -2015


Solo Exhibitions:

ART ONE GALLERY, Scottsdale, Arizona, “Steven Allison” -  2020



Prisma Art Award Finalist, 2020

Juror's choice, Mesa Community College, 2016 

Presidential Scholarship, Mesa Community College, 2015



Arizona Home Decor Magazine, “Phoenix Arts is growing”, 2015



 President, Art Student (k)oalition at ASU 2019 - 2020 



Marketing intern, Bonner David Galleries, Scottsdale Arizona. 2019 - 2020

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